How long in advance do I need to book a vehicle?

Bookings between April & September tend to book up well in advance, therefore we recommed booking as soon as possible. Of course, just check our booking page and we will try to accommodate you

Can I drive a motorhome with a standard UK driving licence?

Yes, all of our motorhomes are under 3,500 kg, which means you can drive them with a standard Category B driving license.

What are the pick-up and drop-off times for your vehicles?

Pick up times start from 14:00. If you need to pick up after 17:00 please let us know and we can work around you
All motorhomes need to be returned by 11am on the return day, again by prior agreement it may be possible to change this time.

Do you allow dogs?

Unfortunately not, none of our motorhomes are dog friendly.

Can I leave my car with you

Yes, we have a small on-site car park. Godfrey Motorhome Hire do not accept any liability for your car or its contents

Can I take the motorhome abroad?

Yes, our motorhomes are equipped for overseas travel. A small charge will be added for additional insurance costs, so please arrange this before you travel.

Do your motorhomes have a bike rack?

Yes, all of our motorhomes are fitted with a bike rack, at no extra cost to you

Is breakdown cover included?

While all of our vehicles are new or nearly new, they are also covered by breakdown cover, all of which will be explained on pickup

I have never hired a motorhome before, how will I know how to use the features?

We have put together a handy booklet explaining exactly how all of the appliances work, as well as showing you all of the essentials when you pick up the motorhome. This includes the heating, cooker, hot water and bed setup.

How many miles can I travel?

All of our motorhomes come with unlimited mileage, for you to enjoy the open road.